FRZ Binary Reversal Indicator – No Repaint

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This is an MT4 expert advisor that is intended to be used as a confirmation signal generator for binary options trading strategies. The signals are never repainted and therefore you can see which ones were correct and which ones were not correct.

Usage limits: We allow up to 02 MT4 Account numbers per purchase. You can submit the account numbers after purchase.

The strategy behind the signals

This EA primarily uses Harami Candlestick Chart Patterns, which are considered to be strong reversal signals. The signal is generated at the open of the following candle after a Harami pattern.


Optional Filters

This EA provides two additional filters to be added to filter the basic signals that will increase the accuracy:

  • Bollinger Bands filter: You can optionally enable Bollinger Bands filter. If enabled, the EA will filter out signals which are not near the upper (for sell signals) or lower (for buy signals) band of the Bollinger Bands indicator.
  • Stochastic Oscillator filter: You can optionally enable this filter. If enabled, the EA will filter out signals which are not in oversold areas (for buy signals) or overbought areas (for sell signals).

You may have one or both filters enabled. However, enabling filters will reduce the frequency of signals while increasing the accuracy of signals. In addition, this EA will not generate signals when there is a strong trend against, as measured based on a 10-period moving average.

Notification options

When a buy or sell signal is generated, there is a variety of notification options as:

  • Red/green arrow signs
  • Alert popups
  • Sound notifications
  • Phone notifications
  • Email notifications

NB: You will also need to set up your MT4 to receive phone or email notifications.



Supported Platform

This EA works on MT4 platform only.


This EA is designed for 05 minutes chart. Potential expiration time for binary options could be 10-30 minutes

Currency pairs

Can be used with any major, minor or exotic pair


Potential Win Ratio

Win ratio may range 60%-85% depending on market conditions. You can test this on a DEMO account first before moving to a real account.

[Please note that past performance of any trading system is not necessarily indicative of future results. Full terms and conditions are given here]

Video Installation and Use

FRZ Binary Reversal Indicator – No Repaint

4 reviews for FRZ Binary Reversal Indicator – No Repaint

  1. Jayden W

    Great. It doesnt make many signals but they are quality

  2. Dean Collins

    I am getting around 75% accuracy. Is that normal?

  3. Christopher R

    You can improve accuracy by enabling filters; but it does not make many signals. Overall, good and great support

  4. Paul Hall

    Best indicator for binary options. I ma getting over 80% success rate. thank you for awesome support.

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