Pass Your FTMO with Money Back Guarantee

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Fee depends on the funding level you are trying at FTMO. Please contact us with the form given at the end of this page.

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FTMO is one of the most trader-friendly proprietary trading firms that provides funding to traders while giving 70% of the profits back to the traders. However, the FTMO evaluation process consists of two steps or tests, the FTMO Challenge and the Verification.

The good news is that we can help you pass this FTMO Challenge and Verification tests. We will trade for you and pass the two tests. We have helped many forex traders to pass the tests with over 78% pass rate. We provide money back guarantee  on our fee. In case you fail to get the funding, we refund our fee in full.


How do you trade? 
We use a hybrid of manual and automated trading methods.

Which pairs do you trade? 
We mainly trade currency pairs but we might use precious metal pairs and crypto pairs if necessary.

What is your trading strategy? 
It can include small timeframe scalping to day trading.

Which risk type do you accept to trade for me?
We prefer the aggressive type.

On which platform do you trade?
We trade on MT4 only.

What happens after passing the FTMO Challenge & Verification? Will you continue to trade for me?
No. We will only pass the Challenge and Verification for you. But if you really need us to continue trading for you after being funded, we can still do it on a profit sharing basis.

How much you charge?

  • Challenge passing fee => Same as FTMO fees (For instance, €540 will be our fee for $50,000 funding challenge on aggressive mode. You will have to pay this amount to us in addition to your payment at FTMO).
  • Verification passing fee => 50% of the the fee paid on challenge.

Is there a guarantee that you pass?
Unfortunately no. There is no absolute guarantee (in fact, no one can make guaranteed returns in forex). But our past records show that our success rate is around 78%. In case we fail, we will refund our fee fully. In addition, if you get a free attempt after a failed attempt, we will trade for that account free as well. Refund is made if we fail in the second attempt as well in that case. If you do not wish to use us for the second attempt, we will refund you after the first failed attempt.

Do you refund the fee I paid to FTMO as well?

No. We refund only the fee you paid to us. If we lose challenge/verification, you will still lose the fee paid to FTMO. However, if we fail, we will offer you any one EA on our site for free as a courtesy.

What is the payment methods available?
You can pay us via PayPal, Credit card or Bitcoin.

How to get started?
Contact us by below form, then we will arrange an invoice for payment. Once our payment is made, you need to send us your MT4 logins for the challenge. You will also need to share your FTMO account matrix page with us so that we can monitor the progress. Then we will start trading for you. Once challenge is passed, then you need to send us the verification MT4 logins and then we start trading for verification.

Contact us to get started.

Pass Your FTMO with Money Back Guarantee

3 reviews for Pass Your FTMO with Money Back Guarantee

  1. Amenda K

    I am glad I found you guys. Previously I tried FTMO challenge two times but failed. However, thanks to FRZ team I got passed in the third time. Although the account had a bit of drawdown initially (of course within allowed limits) , they somehow managed it by the end. I am quite happy with the superb service.

  2. Georgia L

    Great service! I was passed my 50k challenge in 20 days. It was slow but steady trading. Definitely recommended for anyone.

  3. Arjun S

    Service good and recommended. They didn’t reach the profit target in the first attempt but the balance was positive and I got a second attempt free. They got me passed in the second attempt easily.

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Keith Rinera
2 months 21 days ago

Will you trade after I pass the tests?

2 months 21 days ago

Unfortunately No. We only make you pass the two tests.

Clifton A.
1 month 19 days ago

Can you trade on MT5?

1 month 17 days ago

Currently we trade on MT4 only