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FRZ Ultimate Scalper is an advanced scalper robot designed to work on H4 charts on MT4. It is based on a modified strategy of the genesis matrix developed by a group of members at forexfactory. Genesis matrix strategy can be considered to be one of the most famous and successful manual forex scalping strategies of all time. We have added a few more indicators, filters, and logics to the original strategy so that it can be fully automated by a robot.

The robot includes an inbuilt news filter. Vertical dotted lines in red on the chart indicate the upcoming news. It will not take trades when high impact news is nearby. Also if there are on-going trades, the robot will tighten the stop-loss during news-times. Further, it also features a weekend fluctuation guard where the stop loss is tightened for trades that are kept over the weekend. The stop loss is shrunk on Friday close and reverted back to normal level on Monday open. However, the robot will review all the trades just before the Friday end and it may close all trades based on its algorithm without keeping them over the weekend.

EA Specs

Product name FRZ Ultimate Scalper
Platform Supported MT4
Time frames supported H4 (Latest version supports H4 only)
Supported currency pairs You can use it on any currency pair that includes EUR, USD, CAD, AUD, JPY, or NZD. (We would recommend avoiding pairs with GBP & CHF.)
Recommended forex market sessions Any session can be used; however, the robot may perform better in European sessions.
How often would robot make trades The robot uses H4 charts with a strong signal filtering mechanism and thus there would not be regular trades. You can increase the number of charts to increase trading.
Risk assessment Comparatively low risk as it does NOT use any risky strategies such as martingale, grids, hedging, averaging, or arbitrage. Only one trade per chart at any given time with define lot size as % of the balance. It also avoids related pairs.
Recommended broker Any broker with low spreads
Recommended min. deposit Any amount. Please set the lot size in line with your deposit size. If your deposit is less than $250, we recommend 0.01 lot size.

Single purchase includes a license for any two (02) trading account numbers (Two accounts can be either 02 real accounts or 01 demo & 01 real account). You can submit your account numbers after purchase. You can submit the two accounts within 30 days of purchase. You can NOT change the account numbers later. Any additional licenses will be charged separately. We do not offer refunds or returns. The full terms and conditions are given here.

After the purchase, visit this page to submit your account numbers. Existing customers can request free updates here if any, and additional licenses can be requested here subject to our terms.

Forex Scalping EA – FRZ Ultimate Scalper
Support Free installation support
Current version 7.3

A VPS server is recommended for this EA as it needs to be running 24/5. We recommend this VPS provider. A VPS package with at least 2GB RAM & is sufficient for this robot.



Setting Explanations

  1. Lot Size => Here you can set the lot size. Please set the lot size in line with your deposit size. If your deposit is less than $250, we recommend 0.01 lot size.
  2. Take Profit (ATR Multiplier) => Take profit is set as a multiplier of the ATR (Average True Range) (not in Pips). For instance, if you put 2 here, that means your take profit is two times of your ATR at the time of trade entry. That means if the ATR was 15pips at that time, then the take profit will be 30pips. Please also note that stop loss is decided by the Robot itself and you don’t need to enter stop loss size manually. Also, the robot would often close the trade before it hits SL when it determines that the trade is going to go other way.
  3. Max Spread (Pips) => Here you can set the maximum spread in pips you can allow. If the spread is more than this amount, the robot will not take trades.
  4. Stop-Loss (ATR Multiplier) => Stop loss is set as a multiplier of the ATR (Average True Range) (not in Pips).
  5. Enable Immediate Trailing Stop => You can enable or disable trailing stop here. Please note trailing stop is immediate, meaning that SL will start to move just as the price moves.
  6. Trailing Stop (ATR Multiplier) => Trailing stop loss is set as a multiplier of the ATR (Average True Range) (not in Pips).
  7. Magic Number => You can change if necessary but it is recommended NOT to change it. You can leave it the same on all charts.

Installation Video

This is for an older version but the installation process is quite the same.

Backtesting Results (This is for the older version) (back-testing may not work properly without special tools)

Please note that the past performance of any trading system is not necessarily indicative of future results. Full terms and conditions are given here

Forex Scalping EA – FRZ Ultimate Scalper

13 reviews for Forex Scalping EA – FRZ Ultimate Scalper

  1. Kamal Manikam

    Good low risk scalper. No martingale!

  2. Jecob R

    Thanks. It is profitable so far

  3. Erik Serent

    Running for 3 months. I am getting around 8% monthly on 10 charts

  4. Akash Assenberg

    Thanks. good support

  5. Marvin Y. Scates

    Nice. profitable EA but it can take a lot of resources in CPU. Not a bad investment

  6. Carl K

    Thanks. good support

  7. Alvin D

    Not bad. This month not so bad but overall still in good profit. Thanks for the great support

  8. Ken R Green

    This rocks. great scalper. Got 20% monthly last two months. Thank you guys!

  9. Karen S

    It works much better during London session. Asian sessions may not be so profitable but still ok

  10. James S Walker

    Low risk EA. No martingale, grids, etc that can kill your account over night. Doing good so far

  11. Alan

    Friendliest staff in the world. Have been helping me way past my payment!

  12. Kerun K

    Doing good for two months.

  13. Mani K

    Working well so far with profits. thanks for support.

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How much profit can it make?

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10 months 9 days ago

check backtest reports

Oluna M
1 year 12 days ago

Can I run it on my PC?

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10 months 9 days ago

Yes but VPS recommended

11 months 14 days ago

Which timeframe is it for?

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10 months 9 days ago

check description

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