FRZ News & Weekend Guard EA MT4

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This is an EA utility that protects trades from sudden sharp movements due to high impact news releases.

It will automatically download high impact news schedule from and then if there is any trade going on, it will shrink the stop loss to a specified pips before specified no of minutes before the news release. Further it will move the stop loss to the original level after some specified no of minutes.

For instance, let’s assume that there is a trade with 50 pips stop loss and high impact news is coming on the way in minutes. Then we can set this EA to shrink the stop loss to 15 pips two minutes before the news time and if the stop loss is not hit, then revert the stop loss back to 50 pips two minutes after the news release. This can save 35 pips as the news can go against you and even hit your 50 pips stop loss.

It will automatically capture the applicable news releases based on the chart currencies while USD news will be applied to all charts. Further, it will automatically adjust the time as per the broker’s time.

Optional Weekend Fluctuation Guard

Sometimes, there can be major fluctuations in prices arising on the weekends news and events. In such cases, you might experience large price gaps between Friday’s close price to Monday open price. This can cause a risk for trades. If you enable this option, then the stop loss will be shrunk 5 minutes before the Friday close and then the stop loss will be reset to the original level after 5 minutes of the Monday open.

Please make sure following URLs are allowed under Tools=>Options=>Expert Advisers in your MT4


Please load the EA only when the forex market is running.

Licensing: Single purchase includes license for two (02) trading accounts (including 01 DEMO and 01 real account). You can submit your account numbers after purchase here. Both accounts should be submitted at once after purchase. You can NOT change the account numbers afterword.  We offer no refunds or returns. 


FRZ News & Weekend Guard EA MT4

4 reviews for FRZ News & Weekend Guard EA MT4

  1. Brandon S

    Works fine. Its free!!!

  2. Howard Smith

    Must have tool forex traders as news can kill your trade in seconds!

  3. Robert J

    Really cool. Now I am not worried about news spikes.

  4. Lynn Bissette

    Good. it downloads news from

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7 months 28 days ago

Can I select which news to filter?

Admin bar avatar
7 months 12 days ago

yes you can

4 months 29 days ago

If there is an emergency news, what it does.Is the current trade closing or limiting losses?

Admin bar avatar
4 months 22 days ago

It will trade if there is a good spike caused by news

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