FRZ Forex Signals Pro -3M

$150.00 / 3 months

This is a periodical payment. You are NOT automatically charged. You need to manually renew after each period.


This is our premium forex signal service delivered via Telegram. We provide signals on H1 and H4 charts. Our signals are generated through exclusive, custom-built expert advisers which are not available for sale in public. Signals generated by the expert advisers are manually reviewed and filtered by our experienced forex traders before released to the clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you provide signals?

Our signals are delivered via Telegram and you need to have a telegram account to receive the signals (Telegram is a free app similar to WhatsApp available for mobiles and desktops).

2. What info do you provide as signals?

We send you the following info:

  • Entry price
  • Stop-loss price
  • Take profit price

Sample signal on Telegram app:

3. How many signals would you provide a week?

The number of signals will depend on market conditions. However, around 15-45 signals per week can be expected.

4. During what time do you provide signals?

It can be anytime during weekdays.

5. What if I am not available when the signal is issued?

Since we use H1 and H4 charts, it is okay even if you enter a little later. (up to 15-minute delay for H1 and 45 minutes delay for H4 are acceptable provided there are no unusual/significant price movements/spikes in the charts after the original entry time).

6. Do I need to use all the signals provided to be profitable?

No. You can select the signals you want to trade. However, in order to minimize the risk, we recommend not having simultaneous trades in the same or related pairs. 

7. Will you sometimes exit trades before the set stop loss or take profit level is reached?

Our stop loss is usually larger than the take profit. We do not use any fixed risk-return ratio. Stop-loss is set based on previous price action and supply and demand levels. So yes, we might exit trades at a loss before the stop loss is hit and on the other hand, we might exit a trade with a profit before the take profit is reached. We will inform the same via Telegram and you can follow the same as soon as possible.

8. Which lot size should I use?

You can use any lot size depending on your account size. We recommend that you do not use large lot sizes if your deposit is small. If your deposit is less than $250, 0.01 lot size is recommended.

9. Do you use martingale, grids, hedging or similar strategies?

No. We do not use any such strategies. There can be only one trade per chart (on a single timeframe) at any given time with defined take profit and stop-loss levels.

10. How long would you typically keep a trade?

It depends on market conditions. An H1 trade may last from few hours to few days while H4 trade can last from a day to many days.

11. How do I manage news and weekend fluctuations?

We recommend you to lower the stop loss level (e.g. to 25 pips or as necessary) just before the high impact news releases; if the stop loss is not hit, you can reset the stop loss to the original level soon after the news release. The same thing can be done on trades that are held during weekends (i.e. lowering stop loss at Friday end and reset on Monday start).

12. Which broker you recommend

You can use any reputed broker with low spreads and fast execution. However, we can recommend ICMarkets as a broker. Our clients can get up to 30% discount on broker commissions and spreads if you register a new account or transfer existing your account under our agent IB code “23649” as explained here.

13. How much deposit do I need to start with?

You can start with any amount. But make sure you decide on the lot size depending on your deposit size.

14. Do you provide support and assistance if necessary?

Yes, you can contact us 24/7 for any advice, support or assistance. We have online chat, Telegram, WhatsApp, email and ticket support.

15. What should I do after the first payment?

Once the first payment is made, we will ask you to send us your Telegram ID which will be added to our Telegram Channel. You should not change your Telegram ID after that.

16. Am I charged automatically after the first period?

No. You are NOT charged automatically; You need to manually repay the fee after each period to continue to receive the signals. We will send you reminders to pay when the payment is due.

17. What are your past performance statistics?

Given below are the statistics on our signals for the last three months (Sep-Nov 2019):

Please note that the past performance of any trading/signal system is not necessarily indicative of future results. Full terms and conditions are given here.

FRZ Forex Signals Pro -3M


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