Introduction & Installation

FRZ Prop Account Guard is an EA designed for monitoring FTMO and other similar prop trading accounts. It will basically monitor the daily loss and maximum loss limits and whenever such limits are close, trades are automatically closed so that you will not lose the test by a simple error. You just need to load the EA to one of the charts on your MT4 and then EA will start monitoring the trades on all the charts of your MT4.

Salient features:

  • Daily loss & max loss guard – the  EA will monitor these limits and will close the trades before the account hits any of those limits.
  • Target management: EA will close all the trades when the profit target is achieved.
  • Inbuilt news indicator: The EA features an inbuilt news indicator so that you can easily see the upcoming high-impact news events on the chart itself. NB: In order for the news indicator to work, please make sure you have allowed and as an allowed web request URLs under Tools =>Options =>Expert Advisers of your MT4 platform.
  • Weekend auto trade close:  You may opt to close trades at the end of the Friday trading to ensure trades are not kept over the weekend.
  • Mobile/email notifications: You can get notifications on loss limits, target achievement or terminal being disconnected from broker server.
  • Info panel: You can see all the main statistics on the screen to easily understand the current situation.

How to Use Video (Old version)

Screenshot (current version)

How to Install

1. Go to MT4 => Options=>Expert Advisers and allow automated trading, DLL imports, and Web Requests and add the following URLs to allowed URLs.

2. Copy the EA into the MT4 Experts folder.

3. Load the EA to at least one chart.

4. Update Your Prop Account Details

Introduction & Installation